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Animesh, our Chief Consultant, envisions transforming Bihar's future through strategic industrial development and job creation with ISV Program.


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RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. is the service-based establishment in the land of Bihar with its base at Mithila. We are committed to serve the people of Mithila/Bihar.

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Under the umbrella of RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd., following are the three different service entities exists so far (but not limited to in future

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RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. has dedicated team for its different services. All our staff members and partners are well groomed to take care of needs and requirements of our customers.

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Why RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd.?

The philosophy of RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. is growth of Mithila region together with Bihar. One important and firm step under this philosophy is rotation of money within state only. If you are availing the services of RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. you are contributing for the growth of Bihar.
The other reasons to opt for RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. over other services are:

  • a) Availability of services/resources in lowest time
  • b) High Quality of services (ISO certified)
  • c) Value for money

The Service Model:

The services of RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. can be availed by following means:

  • a) Through App and/or Web App like “Savari Mithila Ki” & “Hum To hai Na”
  • b) Through Tele-calling
  • c) Through WhatsApp messages

Career at RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd.:

RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd believes in overall development of all its stakeholders. We don’t believe in hiring people for a particular job only. We are a firm believer of partnering with all talents. If you are an expert in any of the skills mentioned under “Hum TO Hai Na” skilled categories list or you have the expertise to manage vehicle (including driving), please visit us on www.humtohaina.com & www.savarimithilaki.com and contact the respective teams.

Also, kindly tune to www.risingmithilabusiness.com on regular basis to apply for any opening in RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. for different business development and office assistance roles.
You will be groomed and developed on regular basis to understand & earn in a dynamic world.

Director’s Message

Founder Of Rising Mithila

Sweta Kiran Founder & Director

Bihar is always known for development of talent on one side and regular mobility of same talent to different states on another side. We should not focus only on talent like engineers, doctors, Govt. officials etc but think about talents like drivers, expert service providers like fitters, carpenters, masons, barbers, plumbers etc. I consider them as talent because they have the expertise in a specific domain. This kind of expertism makes them very special. The question here is - are we value these talents in terms of giving them respect what they deserve and paying them well against their services?

The next question worth asking is - in the era of availability of on-line or app-based services available for all the people of India, can we confidently claim that the same is easily available in all locations of Bihar?

Well!! RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. is an answer (or potential answer) to both the questions. With the launch of RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. we are able to solve major problems of commuting and getting the regular domestic/household work done in Mithila & Bihar. Now, all our customers can avail the quality services in mentioned areas in quick time without any hassle.

I strongly believe that 80% of problems can be solved by working on 20% of the issues. RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. is a platform between “Availability of talent” & “Requirement of Talent”. This way we are focusing on 20% of issues, which will resolve 80% of problems & will eventually help to grow 100% talented workforces of Bihar.

Thanks to entire people of Mithila & Bihar.
All the best to the team of RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd.

RisingMithila Business Pvt. Ltd. is the service-based establishment in the land of Bihar with its base at Mithila. We are committed to serve the people of Mithila/Bihar

Rising Mithila

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